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Capturing new Zealands History


Wapiti Part1 : The story of how Wapiti came to New Zealand and the Hunters who hunted them  before their home became a National Park. Photos and film and stories of some of the greats of the Wapiti hunters such as Les Murrell, Alan… Continue Reading “HUNTING IN NEW ZEALAND”

New Zealands’ Wild Deer – “Culling to Live Capture”

These are stories of the life and times of and industry based on the recovery of wild deer in New Zealand, both dead and alive.From pest to multi- million dollar earner. Here and see of the history unfold…… Good Keen Men       … Continue Reading “New Zealands’ Wild Deer – “Culling to Live Capture””

Back Country Tales

Great stories and tales from New Zealands’ Back Country, stories such as Arawata Bill – A legend of the West Coast Haast to Paringa – The story of the 10 year build of the West Coast Highway and more to come ….. Murihiku –… Continue Reading “Back Country Tales”

Farming, Fishing and Forestry

The BushmenBefore early settlers could begin farming the forest had to be felled and the bushmen were the men to accomplish that task. These were mighty men working at one of the toughest occupations in the country. From axes, crosscut saw to the modern… Continue Reading “Farming, Fishing and Forestry”

Histories of conflict and war

Low Level Hell Where did the remarkable helicopter simply known as the 500 begin its life? Seen here in New Zealand initially during Deer recovery industry days  but this  story  started Howard Hughes in America and then with the courageous Scout pilots and crew… Continue Reading “Histories of conflict and war”


Victim or Villain Since its first release in 1837 into the forested hills behind Riverton,  Southland the possum has become both a villain and a resource. Travel a poison line with veteran possum hunter Murray McIntosh still catching possums in his eighties and Bruce… Continue Reading “Conservation”