2014 Victim-or-Villain

Victim or Villain
Since its first release in 1837 into the forested hills behind Riverton,  Southland the possum has become both a villain and a resource. Travel a poison line with veteran possum hunter Murray McIntosh still catching possums in his eighties and Bruce Dawson who has turned a pest into a resource. Learn about the controversy of 1080 and the endless bureaucracy affecting possum trappers. Join DOC scientist Josh Kemp as he explains the battle to save the birds.

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2009 The-Titi-Islands---Paradise-RestoredThe Titi Islands                                                                                        Part 1 : A Paradise Restored                                                             In July 2006 four Titi (Mutton Bird ) islands of Rakiura Maori were the target of a Rat eradication project – this is the story and some of the fascinating history of these islands on Stewart Islands wild west coast and a project that spanned across the pacific to America. Learn about this amazing bird that flies away each year to  some to the feeding grounds off Russia and some to the feeding grounds all the way to Alaska.

DVD Titi pt1




2011 The-Titi-Islands--Return-of-a-Tonga-

The Titi Islands                                                                                            Part 2: The Return of the Taonga
Following the successful rat eradications on four Titi islands in 2006, the islands have under gone an amazing transformation. March 2011 saw the beginning of a combined operation to capture saddleback and return them to their original island, Taukihepa or Big South Cape. For Rakiura Maori it has been a long journey involving partnerships that stretched across the globe before finally seeing the return of their taonga, treasures that were nearly lost forever. This dvd is the final chapter in a unique conservation operation in one of the last special places in New Zealand and pays tribute to Don Merton and the team responsible for saving the saddleback.

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2000 Auckland-Islands---No-Place-For-People

Discover the Auckland Islands                                                     The Auckland islands one of NZ sub antarctic Islands.Discover the human tragedies and triumphs from the time of the early ship wrecks death and daily survival to the Coast Watchers of World War 2  from 1940 as part of  the Cape Expedition from John Jones one of the surviving “Watchers”.  hear of the daring of the coastal raider the Erlangin and how it escaped capture buy fueling up in the Auckland Isld.                Get up and close to the  endemic and rare cretures and birds of these subantartic islands.

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