Farming, Fishing and Forestry

2018 The-Bushmen

The Bushmen
Before early settlers could begin farming the forest had to be felled and the bushmen were the men to accomplish that task. These were mighty men working at one of the toughest occupations in the country. From axes, crosscut saw to the modern chainsaw these were no ordinary men. They had to be intelligent and fit to avoid being injured. They were indeed mighty men.

DVD Bushmen (incp&p)



2018 Forest-to-Farm

2018 Forest To Farm
Our early pioneers arriving in a land covered in forest or tussock, it was a challenge, which only the hardy could survive. Women were often the key to farming ventures, working like galley slaves, carrying water, cooking, initially living in tents until a suitable cabin was built. Doors were never locked honesty was part of their culture, as was pride in working the land. Follow land development from man power to horse power and on through to the arrival of tractors and modern farming. Where to now for for the sons and daughters of those pioneers ? What future will farming hold for them if they can get a start? Although the pioneering life was one of hard toil it was a life of achievement and working together, perhaps a lot simpler and happier than for the people of today.

DVD F to F (inc p&p)



2016 Pioneers of the Catlins
Catlins Pioneers
This is the story of early days in the Catlins, told by people who have called the catlins home.
Stories told by early farmers, bushmen and hardy women
From bush fires to ship wrecks.They are stories told of a proud caring community and of the hard work in those early days to make a life in isolated rural New Zealand.

DVD Catlins (inc p&P)


2012 The-Snowline-was-their-Boundary The Snowline was Their Boundary
For one hundred and fifty years the high country has attracted a special breed of men and women captivated by its mysterious attraction which no one quite understands. This is the story of earlier times in the high country, a story of pack horses, cooks, musterers and the dogs who made it all possible. It is a story of a time when the rivers and the snowline was their boundary.

DVD Snowline (inc p&p)




2013 To-The-Back-Of-BeyondTo the Back of Beyond
This is the story of a special group of pioneers who farmed at Mason Bay, Stewart Island. To survive they had to be innovative, industrious and tough. For the Trail, Leask and TeAika families survival meant more than farming sheep for wool. To survive financially required hunting possums and deer as well as searching for ambergris washed ashore along the expanse of Mason Bay. Join Tim Te Aika as he recounts the trials and triumphs during his twenty years at the Island Hill Run, New Zealand’s most southerly farm.

DVD BoB (inc p&p)


2007 Nolan-Country - ANZAC MusterNolan County                                                                                          The ANZAC Muster
The Arawhata Valley in South Westland is without doubt one of New Zealands’ most spectacular valleys, a valley that is part of the Nolan family’s heritage. Join John Nolan and his team on the Anzac muster as he continues the Nolan tradition of farming this remote valley. Sit back and enjoy some magnificent scenery and experience the humour and dangers of mustering in Nolan Country.

DVD Nolan (inc p&p)


2006 The-Cattle-DriveCATTLE DRIVE

Join John Nolan, a fourth generation runholder, in the Arawhata Valley South Westland, as he musters cattle for market, a tough job but a far cry from the three week drove to market of his fathers day. Follow John as he finally gets to see the vast Outback Stations of Australia and hears of the legendary twenty six week long cattle drives and the tough people that became part of outback folklore, and meet the hardy folk who still call the Outback home. Relive the era of the Cattle Drover, from the mountains and rain forest of New Zealand’s West Coast to the vastness of Australia’s Northern Territory .

DVD Cattle (inc p&p)


Westland MusterWestland Muster

For over one hundred years the remote and beautiful valleys of South Westland have been grazing lands for cattle.Hear the history, the stories and see the action that has been part of everyday life for these backcountry familes.                                           join todays musterers as they muster these wily cattle from the back country by jet boat, helicopter and horseback.

DVD Westland (inc p&p)



2008 Classic-C-attle-Musters

2008 Classic-Cattle-Musters

Classic Cattle Musters

A 3 DVD set including

1.Westland Muster                                   

2. The Cattle Drive                                     

3. Nolans Country

3 DVD Muster (inc p&p)


2000 Fishermen-of-the-FiordsFishermen of the Fiords

For six months of the year the year Fiordlands’ remote and beautiful coastline becomes home to a unique group of fisherman in search of the valuable rock lobster.                             Meet some of New Zealands real characters and hear some great stories as we join a crew on some of New Zealands most stunning and rugged  coastline.

DVD Fish (inc p&p)



2000 Saxtons Country

Saxtons Country

Leaving school at 17 to become a Government deerculler was the beginning of a life of adventure for helicopter pilot Dave Saxton.  See South Westland  come to life, jetboat hunting, cattle mustering, greenstone boulder recovery and helicopter hunting including live capture of Red Deer , Chamois and Himalayan thar.

DVD Sax (inc gst)


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