Part1 : The story of how Wapiti came to New Zealand and the Hunters who hunted them  before their home became a National Park. Photos and film and stories of some of the greats of the Wapiti hunters such as Les Murrell, Alan Harrison, Jack Lutterell and Jack McKenzie.

DVD Wap1 inc(p&P in nz)



2010 Wapiti-Part-2-wapiti-Wars

The Wapiti Wars 

Part2 :This is the story of the greed and deception that led to its destruction and of the people who fought and are fighting to save the Wapiti of Fiordland. Covering the times of the arrival of helicopter hunting and the battles that were to occur up to and after the herd was relocated.

DVD Wap2 (incp&p in nz)


2010 Jack-McKenzie---The-Wapiti-Hunter

Jack McKenzie – Wapiti Hunter

This is the story of Jack Mckenzie’s life as a hunter from the rolling tussock clad hills of Southland to the wild and intimidating valleys of Fiordland. Captivated by the wapiti he has spent much of his life fighting for these magnificent animals to remain in Fiordland.
Magnificent film shot by Jack illustrates his love for the animals and the mountains. It also illustrates his determination to fight for the heritage of New Zealand hunters.Jack is a life member of the NZDA, and a foundation member of the wapiti committee. In 1977 Jack was awarded a British Empire Medal for his public service and protection of wildlife.

DVD Mckenzie inc (p&p in nz)



2013 Wapiti-trilogy-3DVD-set-cover

Available also as a 3 DVD collector set in a single case.                                    1.Part1:Wapiti     

  2. Part 2 : The Wapiti Wars

 3. Part 3 :Jack McKenzie : Wapiti Hunter

3 DVD Wap (inc p&p in nz)


Those Were the Days

In the 1960’s, Noel Skinner and Ralph Blanchard headed South to hunt the mighty Red Stags in the remote Arawata valley of South Westland. Fortunately these trips were recorded on film, catching some of those amazing times.

DVD twtd (inc p&p)

Those Were The days


2015 Rusa-New-Zealands-Little-Sambar
RUSA – New Zealands Little Sambar

A story by Dave Barraclough filming one of New Zealands most elusive deer the Rusa Deer in the Te Uruwera Country.Rough ruggedly beautiful bush country.
Learn about how and where these animals feed ,hide and rut. Amazing footage not only of the Rusa but also of birdlife and forest.

DVD Rusa (inc p&p)



The Whitetail Deer of Stewart Island2008 The Whitetail Deer Of Stewart Island
For over 100 years the American Whitetail have made Stewart Island, (New Zealands third largest island) their home. You will see the scale of the island and its diverse bird and wildlife.Learn about the “Grey Ghost” where and how to find them. You to will become a convert to going to the “island” to hunt and enjoy what this amazing place has to offer.

DVD Those Were The Days( inc p&p)



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