Back Country Tales

  • Great stories and tales from New Zealands’ Back Country, stories such as
  • Arawata Bill – A legend of the West Coast
  • Haast to Paringa – The story of the 10 year build of the West Coast Highway
  • and more to come …..

2011 Murihiku-The-Southern-Land

Murihiku – The Southern Land.

This dvd captures the beauty of this Southern Land with breath taking aerial footage taking you on a scenic journey capturing the people in the landscapes they call home. South Coast Productions show case Southland as it has never been seen before, from the mountains of Fiordland to the fertile Southland Plains, along the Catlins Coast to the most remote and lonely shores of Stewart Island. Throughout this amazing landscape are the people, Southlanders , at work and at play, adapted to the vagaries and climate of this Southern Land.

DVD Murihiku (inc p&P)


2017 Road to the Last Frontier Haast-Paringa

2017 Road to the Last Frontier
Imagine, working where rainfall is measured in metres per year, mud up to your knees and virgin country where just to make things interesting there are major fault lines crossing your way forward.Welcome to some of South Westlands toughest country. Meet the men and women who “ Closed the Gap” and on Westlands’ scenic highway.Follow this special time in their lives in this unique and rugged environment with film from the time of construction.

DVD Haast Rd (inc p&p)


Back Country Tales

Back Country Tales
Captured on film are some great stories from people out of town.From deer cullers to pilots, fishermen, farmers and bushmen all with humourous stories to tell.Real people who have become part of the Kiwi legend before bureaucracy ruled the back country. It is made up of stories from iconic
Kiwis. The very first story tellers, Jack McKenzie
and Jack Anderson relating some of the mischief
that they used to get up to, were to set the
standard of what was to follow.
If you are into New Zealand history then this DVD will be one that you will want to add to your library

DVD BCT (inc P&P)


2005 The-Milford-Track-New-Zealand

“It’s the kinda scenery that refreshes your soul”…

The Milford Track – “the Finest Walk in the World”

Join Ray Willet , whose affair with “the track” began in 1956 as a guide and Cathy Lewsley , who fell in love with “the track” when hut wardening there in 1997, as they journey along the “the Finest Walk in the World”. This is Nature at its awe- inspiring best – mountain vistas, gin clear waters with massive trout, those cheeky Keas and beautiful song birds the Tui and  bellbird and those dreadful sandflies.    A world where water is seen, felt and heard in its every form.

DVD milford (inc gst)


The Whitebaiters

The Whitebaiters
This story is full of humour as well as information on Whitebait (RIGGLIUS EVADUS).Learn from scientist Bob McDowell about  these amazing native fish and tales of days when catches almost tallied with the Whitebaiter’s stories.

What will we do to keep them thriving for future generations.

DVD Whitebaiters (inc gst)


2009 A-tribute-to-the-Iron-Horse

A Tribute to The Iron Horse
“24 hissing monsters” entertained 22,000 people at Southland’s first traction engine rally in Gore, 1959. 50 years on The Southland Steam Engine Club produced a unique working rally as an anniversary event with a similar number of engines. Depicted at the rally were tasks re-enacted just as our forbears did. Then there were some special events not usually seen, such as the roading event, sawmilling, ditching and the great cook off. “One of the best rallies I have ever been to” one visiting enthusiast said.

DVD Ironhorse (inc p&p)


2009 Arawhata-Bill

2009 Arawata Bill

This story is a journey through the Otago and Westland landscapes traversed by William O’Leary known as “Arawata Bill” using the iconic poems of
Denis Glover. A landscape which today is seldom visited. So awesome and intimidating that few would survive there. This isolated beautiful country was the home to
Arawata Bill for months at a time. Truly one of New Zealands legends. This programme is a tribute both to Bill, as the personification of the romantic old prospector
and to Denis Glover who through his poems has so ably captured the essence of his subject and his habitat as both a legendary person and an historic icon.

DVD Arawata (inc p&p)


2008 The Whitehill Windfarm

2009 Construction of the White Hill Wind Farm
There are a lot of windy places in the South Island, and Mossburn in Northern Southland is one which is blessed – or cursed, depending on your viewpoint – with what
has been politely described as a “strong natural wind resource.” These days, such a resource, readily available and infinitely renewable, is valued for its
sustainability, and like other resources, it can be farmed – wind farmed.
This is the story of the construction of the White Hill Wind Farm Project.

DVD Whitehill (inc p&p)


2005 Discover-Stewart-Island

Discover Stewart Island                                                     Rakiura – Land of the Glowing  Skies

Stewart Island is the least modified of the three main offshore islands of New Zealand and belongs to the primeval world.         Protected as Rakiura National Park, it encompasses sixteen hundred square kilometres of incredibly diverse land and adjoining seascapes. Discover its tranquil beauty, abundant bird and wildlife and its fascinating and  diverse human history, from whaling to fishing and the hunt for ambergris.

DVD Stewart is (inc p&p)


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