Good Keen Men
The unchecked march of Red Deer in the back country of New Zealand had to be stopped  and controlled , and the  New Zealand Deercullers were born.
The Venison Hunters
When Deercullers failed to stem the Red Deer explosion, private industry stepped in and a new era began. Jetboats, tracters, motor bikes, planes and helicopter were all used in a new industry, the sale and export of wild venison.
The Last Great Adventure
The amazing story of the live capture of wild deer from the mountains of NZ to a fledgling deer farming industry. High speed, high stakes, revolutionary Kiwi et guns  both handheld and on helicopters. The ultimate capture helicopter the Hughs 500

Low Level Hell
Where did the remarkable helicopter simply known as the 500 begin. See in action in NZ but this is the story of the courageous Scout pilots and crew who flew the OH6A or Loach in Vietnam, the predecessor of todays 500. These brave men wrote the first chapters in the 500 story. Archival footage from Vietnam
Those Were the Days
In the 1960’s, Noel Skinner and Ralph Blanchard headed South to hunt the mighty Red Stags in the remote Arawhata valley of South Westland. Fortunately these trips were recorded on film, catching some of those amazing times.
When Jean Deans Raced The Train
The poem Jean Deans is a true story about Ross’s mother racing the train to get the mail from her brother during the First World War.

For over 100 years the American Whitetail have made Stewart Island, (New Zealands third largest island) their home.Learn about the Grey Ghost where and how to find them .
The Whitebaiters
This film is full of humor as well as detailed information on Whitebait (RIGGLIUS EVADUS !! ) and tales of days when catches almost tallied with the Whitebaiter’s stories.
a4 cover haast flat
Welcome to some of South Westlands toughest country. Meet the men and women who “ Closed the Gap” and on Westlands’ scenic highway. Original film  of  the road construction.

Discover the Auckland Islands
The Auckland islands part of New Zealands subantartic islands.Wild desolate with a great human history both tragedy and triumph. A place of amazing wildlife.
2018 Forest to Farm
Doors were never locked honesty was part of their culture, as was pride in working the land. Follow land development from man power to horse power and on through to the arrival of tractors and modern farming. Where to now for for the sons and daughters of those pioneers ? What future will farming hold for them if they can get a start?
Muihiku The Southern Land
South Coast Productions show case Southland & its people as it has never been seen before, from the mountains of Fiordland to the fertile Southland Plains, along the Catlins Coast to the most remote and lonely shores of Stewart Island