Farming, Fishing and Forestry

2018 The-Bushmen
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2018 Forest-to-Farm

2016 Pioneers of the Catlins
Our early pioneers arriving in a land covered in forest or tussock, it was a challenge, which only the hardy could survive.

2013 To-The-Back-Of-Beyond
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2012 The-Snowline-was-their-Boundary
This is the story of earlier times in the high country, a story of pack horses, cooks, musterers and the dogs who made it all possible. It is a story of a time when the rivers and the snowline was their boundary.

2006 The-Cattle-Drive
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2007 Nolan-Country - ANZAC Muster
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2000 Westland-Muster
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2008 Classic-C-attle-Musters
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2008 Classic-Cattle-Musters
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2000 Fishermen-of-the-Fiords
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2008 The-Superpilots
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