New Zealands’ Wild Deer – “Culling to Live Capture”


2003 Good Keen Meen
For over fifty years the NZ Deercullers blazed trails across much of NZ unexplored back country & became part of NZ folk law before bureauracy ruled the mountains.
New Zealanders who were involved in recovering deer ,on foot, in jetboats, planes and helicopters.Unique original film and hilarious stories ,fantastic scenary action and larger than life characters.
The Last Great Adventure
The amazing story of the cature of live deer from the mountains to the fledgeling deer farming industry
2009 The-Great-New-Zealand-Deer-Story---3-dvd-set
3 dvd set back cover
2009 The-Great-NZ-deer-story---3-dvd-set
3 dvd set
2012 To-The-Limit
This is the story of a hard working, innovative Kiwi entrepreneur, three helicopters and six men who flew beyond the mist of the inscrutable Ureweras to capture deer, in what was to be the final chapters of a great New Zealand adventure.
2003 Red-Deer
This story tells of the early days of the live capture industry with Alpine Helicopters .The use of darts and tazers & bulldogging to catch red deer to meet the demand of the growing deer farming industry.
2003 Airborne
These 2 items show live capture in the wilds of New Zealand both for deer and for Himalayan Thar
2000 Saxtons Country
Leaving school at 17 to become a Government deerculler was the beginning of a life of adventure for helicopter pilot Dave Saxton
2004 Meat-Hawks
An early black and white historical film of the halcyon days of the Venison Industry when venison was a dollar a pound and helicopters were retrieving over a 100 carcasses a day

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