Histories of conflict and war

Where did the remarkable helicopter simply known as the 500 begin. See in action in NZ but this is the story of the courageous Scout pilots and crew who flew the OH6A or Loach in Vietnam
Afghanistan The Soldiers' Story
The servicemen and women who have been to wars have looked into the eyes of the children. They have looked into the eyes of loved ones on their departure and, for most of them, on their return. This film gives us the chance to look into the eyes of the people affected and be proud.
2011 Wish-Me-Luck
Wish Me Luck is the story of New Zealand families at war. Stories told by soldiers in the thick of battle and of the families at home waiting and praying for their sons, husbands and fathers return.


2017 When-Jean-Deans-Raced-the-Train
This film is based on a poem written by Ross who is known as ‘Blue Jeans’ by his friends. The poem Jean Deans is a true story about Ross’s mother racing the train to get the mail from her brother during the First World War.
2009 ANZACS-in-Vietnam
Hear the stories of Australian and New Zealand soldiers who like fathers, uncles and grandfathers before them served their country in a time of war , continuing the spirit of ANZAC.


2015 The-ANZACS-War-Horses
Whilst this DVD captures the story of the commemorative 100 Years, 100 Horses ANZAC ride from Amuri to Waikari, New Zealand it also shows the horrors that were inflicted on the courageous horses.

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